Icebreaker 4: What about the user experience beyond just autonomous vehicles?

Automated urban package delivery, automated trucks, and other future concepts? Is the entire industry too hyper focused on commercializing the AV?Read more

(6) WORLD CAFE – STANDARDIZATION CAFE: Standardization & External HMIs

Which modalities (light, sound) to use to design external HMI ? How should we design and validate HMI policies for maximum safety, comfort and traffic flow ? Should the vehicle only communicate intent but also guide ? Should the road user interact naturally (via gestures) with self driving vehicles ? How do we need toRead more

Case Study: Voice UX, Conversational Chatbots, Voice Control & Speech Interfaces

Role of AI, Machine Learning in Developing Personalisation Concepts New Benchmarks for Inside & Outside the Vehicle Consumer Expectations & Latest Automotive DevelopmentsRead more

Challenge Your Peers 7: HMI Design & Complexity Levels

 How to compute when an HMI is too complex? How can we predict the human difficulties with complex, multi-modal intelligent HMIs?Read more

Challenge Your Peers 5: HMIs & Cockpit Integration – Opportunities for V2X/V2V Interactions

Who do you think should lead the HMI/cockpit integration? What methods are you using to receive consumer/customer feedback about HMI/cockpit experiences? What Intelligent or V2X applications do you anticipate customers will want? How much does the passenger (non-driver) experience factor into your designs? Do you have plans for potential updates to hardware and not justRead more

Opening Keynote: The Pedestrian Question – Designing for Unpredictability in Autonomous Vehicle Interactions

Research and experience design for consumers has taught us that most consumer frustration and usage error can be tied back to the ambiguity and unpredictability caused by the interaction design. These are the universal killers of any experience. Humans ultimately need to feel in control of autonomous vehicles – inside and out – and knowRead more

(4) Autonomous Take-Overs & User Experience Café: Challenges of human-machine hand-over: how to maintain a positive relationship?

Until full autonomy is achieved, the human driver and the autonomous vehicle will need to pass control to each other. When an autonomous vehicle unexpectedly takes control, the human may feel annoyed despite an overall positive consequence (e.g. avoiding an accident). On the other hand, if the autonomous vehicle passes control back to human inRead more

Case Study: ECG Biometrics in the Automotive Space & Steering the Future of Travel

We’re using heart biometrics to enhance the safety and experience of in-car travel With ECG biometric security embedded into a vehicle’s steering wheel, drivers get secure authentication and vital health monitoringRead more

Challenge Your Peers 4: Responsive Design in Automotive Infotainment: The Promise and Pitfalls

Summary: A common practice in web design, Responsive Design calls for added considerations to be applied to a design so that it might still look compelling on a variety of displays. This seems to be a practice that doesn’t seem needed in the single screen size world of Automotive Infotainment … until someone decides toRead more

Challenge Your Peers 2: Educating the Future Autonomous Vehicle Driver

What kind of consumer education might be necessary to align expectations and the future autonomous era? Who in the industry is best positioned to drive consumer education? Should education vary depending on vehicle type and purpose of driving?Read more

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