Opening Keynote: Human in the Loop Tests: Experiences in Space Suit Testing

the importance and the challenge of human in the loop testing the types of human in the loop testing performed with space suits what data is collected, both subjective and objective, and how it is used the use of rating scales; benefits and pitfalls speaker’s experience from both sides of the test; as test directorRead more

Challenge Your Peers 7: HMI Design & Complexity Levels

 How to compute when an HMI is too complex? How can we predict the human difficulties with complex, multi-modal intelligent HMIs?Read more

Case Study: Make it real from a customer perspective, automated valet parking use case

Ethnographic user research, how does parking looks like ? what do people value ? Feature creation from customer requirements, how do we create an experience? Real rapid in-vehicle prototyping platforms Agile process during development The innovation spaceRead more

Opening Keynote: The Pedestrian Question – Designing for Unpredictability in Autonomous Vehicle Interactions

Research and experience design for consumers has taught us that most consumer frustration and usage error can be tied back to the ambiguity and unpredictability caused by the interaction design. These are the universal killers of any experience. Humans ultimately need to feel in control of autonomous vehicles – inside and out – and knowRead more

Stream B – Case Study: Measuring cognitive load: HMI assessment to real-time state monitoring

New perspectives on the objective assessment of HMI demand Applying deep leaning techniques to cognitive load assessment Counterintuitive findings on emotional state detection Moving beyond distraction to attention management Implications for automation  Read more

(1) UX Testing Café: Testing the UX of Multiple Passenger Interactions in Autonomous Vehicles

How do we test the user experience and new technologies with multiple passenger interaction? How can we test this in a simulation environment? What existing use cases should we use? And which new use cases need to be developed? What are the key challenges in testing multiple passenger interactions in an AV simulated environment?Read more

(5) Future User Experience Café: How will users adapt to future HMI concepts in autonomous vehicles?

How do we increase engagement from the design and engineering teams in customer focused research? In what ways can we increase early feedback during the development of a design How well equipped are in we in designing HMIs that meet future users’ goals?Read more

Stream B – Case Study: Human eye properties and color harmony in the vehicle

• Human eye anatomy and properties • Basics of photometry, correlation between photometric measurements and visual appearance • Color harmony in the vehicle • Correlation between color harmony, photometric measurements and visual appearance • Experimental approach for color harmony requirementsRead more

Challenge Your Peers 1: Should we develop autostereoscopic displays for automotive interiors?

Will this add value to the vehicle? Will this enhance the user experience? What impact will new display technologies have on driver safety and distraction in autonomous and non-autonomous vehicles? What is the use case for autostereoscopic displays and how can we reduce future development costs? Will consumers be willing to pay for this technology?Read more

Stream A – Case Study: Interaction with Motorcyclists on the Road through the Automotive Display

Brief introduction to motorcycling Insights on perceived safety from a motorcyclists viewpoint in various levels of autonomous driving environments Correlation of data to automobile safety features in detecting surroundings Discussion on HMI displays for automotive cockpits to understand the motorcycle behavior and the differences with bicycles, scooters and like vehiclesRead more

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