Challenge Your Peers 6: HMI Design & Complexity Levels

 How to compute when an HMI is too complex? How can we predict the human difficulties with complex, multi-modal intelligent HMIs?Read more

Case Study: UX Methodologies for Developing & Testing Brand Experience

Overall approach to designing branded experiences Defining Brand Experience & Main Attributes Tools for Testing Brand Usability & User PleasureRead more

Afternoon Keynote: Intelligent Interfaces & Explainable AI

Intelligent Vehicle Data Analytics to Put Human In the Loop How the Machine Explains its Decisions to Users – AI Dialogue User experience in the era of intelligent vehicles is shifting from the driver to the passenger. We can leverage from in-out cabin sensing/perception abilities of the intelligent vehicles and put human in-the loop andRead more

Stream B – Case Study: Measuring cognitive load: HMI assessment to real-time state monitoring

New perspectives on the objective assessment of HMI demand Applying deep leaning techniques to cognitive load assessment Counterintuitive findings on emotional state detection Moving beyond distraction to attention management Implications for automation  Read more

(1) UX Testing Café: Testing the UX of Multiple Passenger Interactions in Autonomous Vehicles

How do we test the user experience and new technologies with multiple passenger interaction? How can we test this in a simulation environment? What existing use cases should we use? And which new use cases need to be developed? What are the key challenges in testing multiple passenger interactions in an AV simulated environment?Read more

(5) Future User Experience Café: How will users adapt to future HMI concepts in autonomous vehicles?

How do we increase engagement from the design and engineering teams in customer focused research? In what ways can we increase early feedback during the development of a design How well equipped are in we in designing HMIs that meet future users’ goals?Read more

Challenge Your Peers 1: Creating the Perfect Multi-Passenger UI for Autonomous Shuttles

What kind of interactions can we provide to users of autonomous shuttles? How can we design personalized voice control concepts in the multi-passenger environment? How do we ensure we get it right? And which UX testing methods should we use for multi-passenger UX? What new HMI opportunities are there for multi-passenger experiences in shared autonomous vehicles?Read more

Stream A – Case Study: HMI Assessment for ADAS: An Expert Approach

This presentation will describe the development and application of a scale for Expert Human Factors evaluation of HMI of assistance and automated systems. This 59-item scale was developed to assess 10 different ADAS, and was applied to the evaluation of vehicles of different makes and models. Takeaways ADAS have different characteristics and nature This scaleRead more

Research Study: HuDs & Peripheral Displays for Maintaining Situational Awareness

Evidence shows that the overrepresentation of teen drivers in motor vehicle crashes is greatly influenced by their poor hazard perception skills. Hence, this study evaluates two cuing systems designed to help teens better understand their driving environment. Both systems use directional color-coding to represent different levels of proximity between one’s vehicle and outside agents. OneRead more

Stream B – Case Study: Designing the Personality of your Intelligent Personal Assistant & Your Brand’s Voice

Which personalities serve best for the different scenarios as part of the in-car experience? How to design different formality & informality levels? Which tone of voice? How to test and engineer voice personasRead more

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