(7) Displays & Simplification Café: Using Displays in Minimalist Interiors

Pillar-to-Pillar trend – what is the real value add for a pillar-to-pillar display, and how does it suit different vehicle scenarios? Improving the safety of using displays and touch interfaces – how can safety be improved for interaction with larger touch screens? HUDs as a primary display – how can Heads-up-Displays be used as aRead more

(4) Augmented-, Mixed- and Virtual Reality Café: What New Opportunities Do L4+ Autonomous Vehicles Open Up for Integrating Augmented-, Mixed- and Virtual Reality Inside Vehicles?

What future use cases could work well for AR / VR / MR inside autonomous shuttles / trucks / commercial vehicles and multi-passenger environments? How can we use AR / VR / MR to enhance the user experience? What information from outside the autonomous vehicle should we convey to passengers and how do we decideRead more

(6) WORLD CAFE – FUTURE UX CAFE: Complexity vs. Simplicity in the Future User Experience

Can we leverage the trend of simplification by removing complex hardware and embedded systems from inside the car? With the increase and advancements in voice recognition / control technologies, will this lead to the disappearance of traditional HMI screens and input controls? Will HuDs replace interface display screens? What technological challenges need to be addressedRead more

(3) World Cafe – Future UX Cafe: How to Revolutionize the way Humans Interact with Technology

How can we best implement AI platforms that enable cameras and sensors to see, understand, and respond to human movement and behavior in any environment or context? How can we use precision tracking and detection of any combination of shape and movement? How to design fewer distractions and easier control? How to use simple andRead more

Challenge Your Peers 5: Role of AI on the Driver & Future HMIs

How Do We Bring AI into the Cockpit? How Do We Make the User Experience more Intelligent and Personalized with AI? How Do We Test & Validate AI-Driven UX & HMIs? How Do We Make the Driver Aware of How Intelligent HMIs Function & Behave, So They Are Not Surprised by the Experience?Read more

(5) Future User Experience Café: How will users adapt to future HMI concepts in autonomous vehicles?

How do we increase engagement from the design and engineering teams in customer focused research? In what ways can we increase early feedback during the development of a design How well equipped are in we in designing HMIs that meet future users’ goals?Read more

Case Study: ECG Biometrics in the Automotive Space & Steering the Future of Travel

We’re using heart biometrics to enhance the safety and experience of in-car travel With ECG biometric security embedded into a vehicle’s steering wheel, drivers get secure authentication and vital health monitoringRead more

Closing Keynote: How to Measure the HMI Experience and Why it Matters

We live in the experience economy.  But how do you know if your HMI is delivering? Automotive manufacturers are searching for effective ways to provide better, more compelling experiences for their customers.  But how do they know for sure when they have succeeded? Using examples from several automotive clients, Chris will demonstrate how customer-derived experience metrics provide aRead more

Challenge Your Peers 3: Which new display technologies are really necessary and should be included as part of the future in-car experience?

How many displays do we really need inside the car? Should we just have one big display? Or should we have two, three, four or more smaller displays? What metrics & UX testing results are most important / deciding factor in how many displays to include? Should displays be flat, curved, pillar-to-pillar? And what informationRead more

Challenge Your Peers 1: Creating the Perfect Multi-Passenger UI for Autonomous Shuttles

What kind of interactions can we provide to users of autonomous shuttles? How can we design personalized voice control concepts in the multi-passenger environment? How do we ensure we get it right? And which UX testing methods should we use for multi-passenger UX? What new HMI opportunities are there for multi-passenger experiences in shared autonomous vehicles?Read more

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