Opening Keynote: Emotion.AI – The Emotional Life of Your Autonomous Car

We name our cars. We talk to our cars. The relationship we have with our cars is already emotional. And it’s about to get more complicated. With the convergence of affective technology and artificial intelligence, emotional interactions will become the norm. This talk will look at the future of emotionally intelligent mobility, from embedded socialRead more

Case Study: Forecasting Mobility Disruptions: Impacts to Technology, Brand, and User Experience

Foresight into the deployment of mobility services, platforms, and brands from IHS Markit’s models How HMI technologies will grow and enable the new mobility futures? Where will traditional brands sit versus competitors and carriers? Where is there money to be made in new in-cabin experiences, services, or data?Read more

(3) World Cafe – Future UX Cafe: Minority Report Interfaces coming to Autonomous vehicles

Principles of interaction that will define the future HMI for Autonomous vehicles The Autonomous vehicle as a platform. New business models and example use cases Gesture recognition, the missing part of the puzzle in a complete multimodal experience The 5 questions we would like to address with you: What is the most important technological evolutionRead more

Afternoon Keynote: Intelligent Interfaces & Explainable AI

Intelligent Vehicle Data Analytics to Put Human In the Loop How the Machine Explains its Decisions to Users – AI Dialogue User experience in the era of intelligent vehicles is shifting from the driver to the passenger. We can leverage from in-out cabin sensing/perception abilities of the intelligent vehicles and put human in-the loop andRead more

Stream B – Case Study: Measuring cognitive load: HMI assessment to real-time state monitoring

New perspectives on the objective assessment of HMI demand Applying deep leaning techniques to cognitive load assessment Counterintuitive findings on emotional state detection Moving beyond distraction to attention management Implications for automation  Read more

(2) Emotion Recognition Café: Transforming In-Car Experiences with Emotion Recognition Technologies

Emotion recognition is being touted as the next technology that will transform your in-vehicle experience. Whether it’s helping celebrate your happy moment on the road, calming down an angry driver, or overcoming a driver’s fear of using automated driving, your future vehicle – and its AI-based assistant – is expected to connect with you atRead more

Closing Keynote: How to Measure the HMI Experience and Why it Matters

We live in the experience economy.  But how do you know if your HMI is delivering? Automotive manufacturers are searching for effective ways to provide better, more compelling experiences for their customers.  But how do they know for sure when they have succeeded? Using examples from several automotive clients, Chris will demonstrate how customer-derived experience metrics provide aRead more

Case Study: Voice-Based Systems – Building a Wellness Chatbot for the Automotive Industry

Challenges in Accessing Data to Gain Insights into What Needs to be Built Developing & Deploying Rule Based Bots in the Cockpit Initial Testing ResultsRead more

Case Study: TomTom’s role in minimizing driving frustration – from saving marriages to lives

Our urge to stay connected and how this affects driver behaviour Is prohibition the answer to preventing driving distraction? How can our technology help? Responsible Design as a movementRead more

Case Study: The Journey from iDrive to the BMW Cockpit

Development Processes for Future UX Developing UI Software – BMW Operating System 7.0 Intelligent Personal Assistant System Digital DisplaysRead more

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