Case Study: The Symbiotic Relationship between UX Innovations, Autonomy & Mobility

The vehicle as we know it is changing drastically, much more so than the pace of change in the last 100 years. As OEMs adopt autonomy and mobility strategies, they are building a new holistic user experience (UX) through the use of new technologies and novel engineering methods. This presentation will provide critical insights regardingRead more

(3) World Cafe – Future UX Cafe: How to Revolutionize the way Humans Interact with Technology

How can we best implement AI platforms that enable cameras and sensors to see, understand, and respond to human movement and behavior in any environment or context? How can we use precision tracking and detection of any combination of shape and movement? How to design fewer distractions and easier control? How to use simple andRead more

Opening Keynote: The Pedestrian Question – Designing for Unpredictability in Autonomous Vehicle Interactions

Research and experience design for consumers has taught us that most consumer frustration and usage error can be tied back to the ambiguity and unpredictability caused by the interaction design. These are the universal killers of any experience. Humans ultimately need to feel in control of autonomous vehicles – inside and out – and knowRead more

Stream B – Case Study: Measuring cognitive load: HMI assessment to real-time state monitoring

New perspectives on the objective assessment of HMI demand Applying deep leaning techniques to cognitive load assessment Counterintuitive findings on emotional state detection Moving beyond distraction to attention management Implications for automation  Read more

(2) Voice Control & Interaction Café: Delivering on the Promise of the Intelligent Automotive Assistant

Voice-based assistants, such as Siri and Google Assistant, are a major consumer trend and are often marketed as being “intelligent.” As these and other assistants make their way into the automotive cockpit, what does it mean for them to be called intelligent, and how can intelligence be delivered to the customer? What are the qualitiesRead more

Closing Keynote: Future of UX & Intelligent Interfaces at Mercedes-Benz

MBUX: Developing Conversational Agents & Individualized Experiences Smart UIs & Recognizing Indirect Speech Predictive UX and MLRead more

Case Study: Voice-Based Systems – Building a Wellness Chatbot for the Automotive Industry

Challenges in Accessing Data to Gain Insights into What Needs to be Built Developing & Deploying Rule Based Bots in the Cockpit Initial Testing ResultsRead more

Icebreaker 3: Role of Voice in Automotive. Who owns it?

The big data question!Read more

Case Study: TomTom’s role in minimizing driving frustration – from saving marriages to lives

Our urge to stay connected and how this affects driver behaviour Is prohibition the answer to preventing driving distraction? How can our technology help? Responsible Design as a movementRead more

Stream A – Case Study: Designing & Deploying Multimodal UIs in Autonomous Vehicles

Achieving & Maintaining Enhanced Situational Awareness Which interface evaluation methods are required to test multimodal interaction in HAD? Designing Multimodal UIs for Multiple Users: Autonomous MaaS Models Role of AI in Multimodal Interactions & UIs Research FindingsRead more

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