Solution Study: Opportunities and Challenges to Achieve a Cluster-less Vehicle Through the Use of a Primary HUD Implementation

HUD’s are provided as an optional feature and display complementary or redundant information.  The elimination of the instrument cluster and use of a ‘HUD only’ concept has been discussed in the industry.  There are many considerations related to transitioning from the traditional instrument cluster including, regulations, visibility and consumer acceptance. This presentation will discuss someRead more

Solution Study: Evolution of HMIs – Where will the journey take us?

Addressing Short and Long Term Human Machine Interaction Challenges in Automotive How do disruptions in the automotive industry impact the users’ experiences in cars? Electrification, autonomous driving and the rapidly evolving digital technologies create various new opportunities and perspectives. How do we as professionals approach these opportunities to create new value for the user? HowRead more

Solution Study: Combining Navigation, Entertainment and Commerce for a more Personalized Connected Car Experience

Connected cars are adding amazing new capabilities— like live traffic and weather, on-line music services, and virtual assistants. Unfortunately, Vehicle Infotainment Systems have become burdened with integrating these capabilities into a safe, seamless, and delightful experience. VIVID is a cloud-first infotainment system that seamlessly integrates the best internet-based entertainment services and content with native vehicleRead more

Opening Keynote: Emotion.AI – The Emotional Life of Your Autonomous Car

We name our cars. We talk to our cars. The relationship we have with our cars is already emotional. And it’s about to get more complicated. With the convergence of affective technology and artificial intelligence, emotional interactions will become the norm. This talk will look at the future of emotionally intelligent mobility, from embedded socialRead more

Opening Keynote: May Mobility’s Interior Autonomous Shuttle Vision – Multi-Passenger UX in Myla 2.0

30,000 Rides – What We’ve Learnt So Far From Our Users Since The Commercial Deployment of Autonomous Shuttles Reimagining & Designing UX for Myla 2.0 Demo Rides & UX Testing Methods – Results, Placements & Implementation Deciding Where & Which Displays to Use & Contextualisation of Information Achieving Personal Experiences in Autonomous Shared Mobility &Read more

Auto Scale Start Up Lounge

We are passionate about innovation in in-car technologies, new interaction paradigms, innovative HMIs, surfaces and designs. We recognize the pivotal role start-ups play in automotive HMIs and UX. We understand the unique circumstances a tech start-up is faced with, and have tailored specific packages to enable the engagement of automotive HMIs and UX start-ups atRead more

Case Study: Voice UX, Conversational Chatbots, Voice Control & Speech Interfaces

Role of AI, Machine Learning in Developing Personalisation Concepts New Benchmarks for Inside & Outside the Vehicle Consumer Expectations & Latest Automotive DevelopmentsRead more

Case Study: Forecasting Mobility Disruptions: Impacts to Technology, Brand, and User Experience

Foresight into the deployment of mobility services, platforms, and brands from IHS Markit’s models How HMI technologies will grow and enable the new mobility futures? Where will traditional brands sit versus competitors and carriers? Where is there money to be made in new in-cabin experiences, services, or data?Read more

Case Study: UX Methodologies for Developing & Testing Brand Experience

Overall approach to designing branded experiences Defining Brand Experience & Main Attributes Tools for Testing Brand Usability & User PleasureRead more

Afternoon Keynote: Intelligent Interfaces & Explainable AI

Intelligent Vehicle Data Analytics to Put Human In the Loop How the Machine Explains its Decisions to Users – AI Dialogue User experience in the era of intelligent vehicles is shifting from the driver to the passenger. We can leverage from in-out cabin sensing/perception abilities of the intelligent vehicles and put human in-the loop andRead more

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