Case Study: UX approach at PSA groupe. Example of the Peugeot i-Cockpit and its evolutions

Presentation of PSA groupe’s UX team and its approach The Peugeot i-Cockpit Illustration of UX approach and HMI hot topics through the i-Cockpit evolutions Synthesis and future trendsRead more

Challenge Your Peers 5: HMIs & Cockpit Integration – Opportunities for V2X/V2V Interactions

Who do you think should lead the HMI/cockpit integration? What methods are you using to receive consumer/customer feedback about HMI/cockpit experiences? What Intelligent or V2X applications do you anticipate customers will want? How much does the passenger (non-driver) experience factor into your designs? Do you have plans for potential updates to hardware and not justRead more

Case Study: Voice-Based Systems – Building a Wellness Chatbot for the Automotive Industry

Challenges in Accessing Data to Gain Insights into What Needs to be Built Developing & Deploying Rule Based Bots in the Cockpit Initial Testing ResultsRead more

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