Opening Keynote: Human in the Loop Tests: Experiences in Space Suit Testing

the importance and the challenge of human in the loop testing the types of human in the loop testing performed with space suits what data is collected, both subjective and objective, and how it is used the use of rating scales; benefits and pitfalls speaker’s experience from both sides of the test; as test directorRead more

Icebreaker 4: What about the user experience beyond just autonomous vehicles?

Automated urban package delivery, automated trucks, and other future concepts? Is the entire industry too hyper focused on commercializing the AV?Read more

(6) WORLD CAFE – STANDARDIZATION CAFE: Standardization & External HMIs

Which modalities (light, sound) to use to design external HMI ? How should we design and validate HMI policies for maximum safety, comfort and traffic flow ? Should the vehicle only communicate intent but also guide ? Should the road user interact naturally (via gestures) with self driving vehicles ? How do we need toRead more

Case Study: Voice UX, Conversational Chatbots, Voice Control & Speech Interfaces

Role of AI, Machine Learning in Developing Personalisation Concepts New Benchmarks for Inside & Outside the Vehicle Consumer Expectations & Latest Automotive DevelopmentsRead more

Challenge Your Peers 7: HMI Design & Complexity Levels

 How to compute when an HMI is too complex? How can we predict the human difficulties with complex, multi-modal intelligent HMIs?Read more

Case Study: UX approach at PSA groupe. Example of the Peugeot i-Cockpit and its evolutions

Presentation of PSA groupe’s UX team and its approach The Peugeot i-Cockpit Illustration of UX approach and HMI hot topics through the i-Cockpit evolutions Synthesis and future trendsRead more

Case Study: The Symbiotic Relationship between UX Innovations, Autonomy & Mobility

The vehicle as we know it is changing drastically, much more so than the pace of change in the last 100 years. As OEMs adopt autonomy and mobility strategies, they are building a new holistic user experience (UX) through the use of new technologies and novel engineering methods. This presentation will provide critical insights regardingRead more

Case Study: Make it real from a customer perspective, automated valet parking use case

Ethnographic user research, how does parking looks like ? what do people value ? Feature creation from customer requirements, how do we create an experience? Real rapid in-vehicle prototyping platforms Agile process during development The innovation spaceRead more

(3) World Cafe – Future UX Cafe: How to Revolutionize the way Humans Interact with Technology

How can we best implement AI platforms that enable cameras and sensors to see, understand, and respond to human movement and behavior in any environment or context? How can we use precision tracking and detection of any combination of shape and movement? How to design fewer distractions and easier control? How to use simple andRead more

Challenge Your Peers 6: Processes for Designing HMIs & UX from a Clean Sheet of Paper

Define what a clean sheet is to you and where you typically start? When starting, what are your biggest hurdles you face? During the ideation phase, who do you involve and why? When you have a solution, what is your validation process? When your solution has been validated, how do you go about evangelizing and obtaining buy off?Read more

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