(2) Voice Control & Interaction Café: Delivering on the Promise of the Intelligent Automotive Assistant

Voice-based assistants, such as Siri and Google Assistant, are a major consumer trend and are often marketed as being “intelligent.” As these and other assistants make their way into the automotive cockpit, what does it mean for them to be called intelligent, and how can intelligence be delivered to the customer? What are the qualitiesRead more

Closing Keynote: Future of UX & Intelligent Interfaces at Mercedes-Benz

MBUX: Developing Conversational Agents & Individualized Experiences Smart UIs & Recognizing Indirect Speech Predictive UX and MLRead more

Case Study: Voice-Based Systems – Building a Wellness Chatbot for the Automotive Industry

Challenges in Accessing Data to Gain Insights into What Needs to be Built Developing & Deploying Rule Based Bots in the Cockpit Initial Testing ResultsRead more

Icebreaker 3: Role of Voice in Automotive. Who owns it?

The big data question!Read more

Case Study: Intelligent Vehicle Data Analytics to Put Human In the Loop

User experience in the era of intelligent vehicles is shifting from the driver to the passenger. We can leverage from in-out cabin sensing/perception abilities of the intelligent vehicles and put human in-the loop and sense/perceive user in his various roles (driver, passenger, road user) in order to automatically adjust vehicle behavior to enhance user experience.Read more

Stream B – Case Study: Designing the Personality of your Intelligent Personal Assistant & Your Brand’s Voice

Which personalities serve best for the different scenarios as part of the in-car experience? How to design different formality & informality levels? Which tone of voice? How to test and engineer voice personasRead more

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