Case Study: Voice UX, Conversational Chatbots, Voice Control & Speech Interfaces

Role of AI, Machine Learning in Developing Personalisation Concepts New Benchmarks for Inside & Outside the Vehicle Consumer Expectations & Latest Automotive DevelopmentsRead more

(2) Emotion Recognition Café: Transforming In-Car Experiences with Emotion Recognition Technologies

Emotion recognition is being touted as the next technology that will transform your in-vehicle experience. Whether it’s helping celebrate your happy moment on the road, calming down an angry driver, or overcoming a driver’s fear of using automated driving, your future vehicle – and its AI-based assistant – is expected to connect with you atRead more

Closing Keynote: How to Measure the HMI Experience and Why it Matters

We live in the experience economy.  But how do you know if your HMI is delivering? Automotive manufacturers are searching for effective ways to provide better, more compelling experiences for their customers.  But how do they know for sure when they have succeeded? Using examples from several automotive clients, Chris will demonstrate how customer-derived experience metrics provide aRead more

Case Study: Voice-Based Systems – Building a Wellness Chatbot for the Automotive Industry

Challenges in Accessing Data to Gain Insights into What Needs to be Built Developing & Deploying Rule Based Bots in the Cockpit Initial Testing ResultsRead more

Stream B – Case Study: Designing the Personality of your Intelligent Personal Assistant & Your Brand’s Voice

Which personalities serve best for the different scenarios as part of the in-car experience? How to design different formality & informality levels? Which tone of voice? How to test and engineer voice personasRead more

Case Study: The Journey from iDrive to the BMW Cockpit

Development Processes for Future UX Developing UI Software – BMW Operating System 7.0 Intelligent Personal Assistant System Digital DisplaysRead more

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